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PIRS and Wireless Equipment

Detailed below are some of the PIRS and wireless equipment available. Please contact us for more details and latest prices


  • GX200 PIR
  • Input voltage 12 volts DC
  • Output via N/C voltage free reed relay contacts
  • Single or double edge detection with variable sensitivity control
  • Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical modes and adjusted to various angles
  • Weatherproof UV stabilized case to IP65
  • Dimensions: H145mm W100mm D155mm
  • Three different lens patterns available
  • All lenses have white light filtering
  • See Multi Lens Patterns
  • Standard: 15 metres 90 deg (Wide angle)
  • Long Range: 40 metres 1 deg (Narrow angle)
  • Curtain: 12 metres 100 (Wider angle)

TX500 Wireless PIR

  • Housing:
    • Durable ABS UV stabilised housing
    • Fully Weatherproof
    • Three different lens options are available.
  • Power Supply: 9 Volts battery (PP3) type. Use long life type.
  • Battery Life: Approximately 12 months depending on situation
  • Transmitter Power:
    • 1 m/w with standard aerial
    • 10 m/w with long arial. (Special order)
  • Transmitter Frequency: 173.225 MHz (Crystal Controlled)
  • Modulation: Pulse Modulation
  • Range: Line-of-sight between aerials without obstruction up to 100 metres @ 1m/w or 400 metres plus @ 10 m/w approximately
  • Dimensions: H145mm W100mm D155mm
  • Tested to: MPT 1344





SSMT 50 micro transmitter

This 10mw 4 Channel mini transmitter allows you to convert covert cameras into wireless devices to mount inside clocks, PIRS, smoke detectors, exit signs etc

SSLR/R receiver

10mw 8 channel receiver with audio.

Allows you to convert a normal internal or external camera into a wireless device. Range up to 200metres with line of sight

SSLR/R receiver and Aerial

Used with SSLT to receive signal at other end, can be boosted with aerials (shown) to increase range up to 2km with line of sight

SSSR/R and SSSR/T Receiver and Transmitter

Basically internal versions of SSLR and SSLT with 4 channel capability with audio and up to 100 metre range with line of sight


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