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Web Surveillance  The future of CCTV...























 The Qvis CCTV web server is our preferred corporate platform. Capable of recording on up to 16 cameras with web and mobile access.


We also offer a range of TCP/IP enabled network cameras where a building is already extensively CAT5 cabled




   We now have DIY self install kits, suitable for homes or small premises. Click here for more details


We stock a number of fixed lens cameras such as the Qvis dome above, with either 650 or 700 TVL with a number of lens sizes

Where a fixed lens camera is not man enough, we offer a wide range of CS mount cameras with fixed or varifocal lenses from 2.8mm to 80mm!



Where covert surveillance is needed, or as a back up to your main system, the miniature range with pinhole lenses may be suitable.



To complement our range we also have a number of wireless receivers, transmitters, PIRS and aerials